AJAX Remote options

The AJAX Remote is a virtual remote control, that is integrated into Remote Buddy and gives you access to Remote Buddy's menu and functionality through a web browser. Its name descends from the technology at the core of the virtual remote: AJAX ("Asynchronous JavaScript and XML") - a technique, that allows the creation of bandwidth-efficient, highly dynamic web sites.

The mini yet powerful webinterface Remote Buddy dynamically generates is loaded into a browser - for example that of an iPhone™ or iPod® Touch - and offers direct access to the diverse functions in Remote Buddy. The webinterface is delivered to the browser by a webserver, developed from scratch by IOSPIRIT and which runs directly on your Mac®. The direct integration into Remote Buddy offers significant advantages such as a very high speed, efficiency and extremely low reaction times in a (W)LAN of often just a few milliseconds.

Tip: This help also contains a reference for AJAX Remote's user interface. If you are looking for instructions on network setup, be sure to check the Remote Buddy FAQ. It has step-by-step instructions for the most common setups.
Enable AJAX Remote
In order to be able to use Remote Buddy's AJAX Remote, you need to enable it, first. Check this checkbox to enable the AJAX Remote.
Server options
The port number Remote Buddy's built-in webserver should bind to, so you can access it at that port number. Default is 8888.
The current status of the server.
Security options
Allow viewing the desktop via the browser
When enabled, users logged in to Remote Buddy's AJAX Remote can view your desktop / screen content.
Allow previewing the iSight® video via the browser
When enabled, users logged in to Remote Buddy's AJAX Remote can see what your iSight® can see.
Require password
If checked, you are required to enter the password you defined in the AJAX Remote preferences. It is strongly recommended to leave this on.
Output accesses and debug info to console
When turned on, Remote Buddy will add verbose information on each access as well as status and connection state messages to the default console.
Module options
Where available, prefer VLC over DVD Player for VIDEO_TS playback
Remote Buddy's AJAX Remote gives you access to the built-in Movie Library - a feature that allows you to easily access and playback VIDEO_TS folders on your computer. By default, Remote Buddy will use the VLC media player for playback if it is installed and fall back to the DVD Player application shipping with OS X if you don't have VLC installed. Untick this checkbox, if you want DVD Player to always be used for VIDEO_TS playback.
Interfaces and URLs you can use to access AJAX Remote
These are the URLs (web addresses) you can use to access Remote Buddy. If your target device (iPod® Touch / iPhone™) and your Mac® are logged in to the same base station and the target device runs the latest firmware revision, you should be able to use the Bonjour® URL to access AJAX Remote. Otherwise, try all URLs listed for the Ethernet and AirPort® interfaces of your computer. If you can't connect, please read the extensive FAQ entry FAQ015E0202 regarding possible causes and their solutions on the Remote Buddy website.