Behaviour options

Behaviours link Remote Buddy with its environment. They are the glue that allow Remote Buddy to control other applications and perform special actions. Every Behaviour does implement a number of specific actions that you can freely assign to the buttons of your remote control. Most of these actions are only available while the Behaviour that implements them is active. Actions, that are useful in a wider sense (as, for example, system volume control) are made available for assigning (or "mapping") throughout the entire application.

In addition to its own actions and options, each Behaviour can also bring its own context menu items. By default, if you press the "Menu" button on your remote, Remote Buddy's menu opens inside the context menu of the currently active Behaviour.

Behaviour (list on the left)
You switch to the set of options belonging to a Behaviour by selecting it from the list on the left.
Checkbox in front of Behaviour name
The checkbox in front of the Behaviour's name gives you control over which Behaviours you want to be used by Remote Buddy. If a checkbox is deactivated, the respective Behaviour will:
If a Behaviour offers its own set of options, you can find them on the right side of the window.