General options

Startup options
Start Remote Buddy at login time
If this checkbox is checked, Remote Buddy adds itself to the startup items of your account. It will remove itself if the checkbox is unchecked.
Automatically search for new versions when application starts
If this checkbox is checked, Remote Buddy searches for new versions of itself as well as new or updated Behaviours.
Move mouse cursor to fullscreen friendly position on application start/system wake-up
If this checkbox is checked, Remote Buddy checks the position of your mouse cursor after the application has started and after your system has woken from sleep. If it is at a position that may prompt the dock or the screen's menubar to appear (both of which can be really annoying when using applications in fullscreen mode), it'll reposition the mouse cursor to a location where it doesn't do so anymore.
System options
Remote Buddy appears
Determines, where Remote Buddy should appear - just in the dock, just in the system menu bar on the top of your screen, or in both places.
Display on screen
Determines, on which screen Remote Buddy should display its menu, info bezels and virtual keyboard. If you choose "always on main screen", Remote Buddy's menu will automatically appear on the same screen that currently displays the system's titlebar.
Important: The advanced options are kept seperate from the others because they are either too specialized or have a gross influence on how Remote Buddy will react to your button presses. Thus, please do only change any of these options if you really need to.
System options
Manually activated Behaviours stay active until they are explicitely deactivated
By default, Remote Buddy does automatically switch to the Behaviour that controls the currently active application. This is also valid, if you manually select the Behaviour for an application from Remote Buddy's menu: Remote Buddy automatically switches to other Behaviours as soon as the currently active application changes. Activating this checkbox will make your manual selections in Remote Buddy's menu to stick until you have explicitely deactivated them again - no matter, which application is currently active.
Button presses create activity (deactivates/delays screen savers)
If this checkbox is checked (it is by default), any button press on any supported remote will postpone the point in time where your screen saver becomes active - or deactivate the screensaver, if it is currently active.
Play confirmation sound when changing system volume
Remote Buddy can play a confirmation sound whenever you change the system volume through Remote Buddy. Just like you are used to from the volume keys on your keyboard.
Enable Ad Hoc Receivers
Enable or disable the ad hoc receiver - used to allow EyeTV to communicate with Remote Buddy.
Startup options
Activate behaviour on startup
If you want to activate a specific Behaviour as soon as Remote Buddy has started up, you can select it here. Please note, that, if this Behaviour controls an application, it will almost certainly launch that application as well. Unless you have a real good reason to set anything else than the default ("None (recommended)"), you should not change this setting.