Built-in IR Receiver options

Remote Buddy offers you unparalleled support for the functions of your IR receiver - allowing you to do things with it, that you can't do otherwise. This includes support for multiple remotes, manual pairing, low latency times and instant reactions to long button presses. You could even program more than 1500 buttons on a programmable remote and map them differently in Remote Buddy!
Deactivate receiver on application startup
If this option is active, the status of the built-in IR receiver is set to "deactivated" (software-only) during the start of the application. This has two effects:

  1. Until the buit-in IR receiver is activated again, Remote Buddy no longer reacts to button presses of the Apple® Remote after startup (provided they are received via the built-in receiver).
  2. During application startup, external IR receivers connected via USB take precedence over the built-in IR receiver.
Support for multiple remote controls
Enable support for multiple remote controls
Traditionally, you can either pair one remote and use only that remote with your computer - or use multiple remotes, but without distinguishing between them. Remote Buddy removes both limitations. You can pair multiple remotes, assign different actions to each remote control or even groups of remote controls. You can enable this additional functionality by enabling support for multiple remote controls.
Automatically authorize newly found remotes to control this computer
Remote Buddy will automatically detect and add new Apple® Remotes to the list of known remote controls upon a button press. If you want to use them right away without any further setup, enable this checkbox. Otherwise, the remote control is recognized and added to the list, but any input coming from it will be ignored.
Logical remotes, mapping of real remotes to logical remotes
Remote Buddy can distinguish between multiple remotes by their transmitted ID and enables you to map each of them to a different set of actions.

Setting this up is a simple two step process. First, you create so called "Logical Remotes", which show up as normal remotes in the rest of Remote Buddy's interface. Second, you assign logical remotes to the real remotes.

To register a new remote with your computer, press any button on it and Remote Buddy will add it to the table on the right in the pane and select its entry. Enable and disable the checkboxes to authorize and deauthorize a single remote to control your computer.
To pair a remote control with this computer, please simultaneously press both the menu and the right button on your remote control for at least five seconds until you receive visual feedback. Once paired, control over this computer is limited to this single remote control. This traditional pairing mechanism is ignored when support for multiple remotes is enabled. It is then replaced by the checkboxes in front of the IDs of the respective remote.
To unpair your remote, please press the button labeled "Unpair".