Hotkey Remote

The Hotkey Remote is a virtual remote control that forwards the press of a hotkey as remote control button presses into Remote Buddy's handler core. The idea is to provide keyboard access to useful functions like controlling iTunes® playback. But it can also be used to use mobile phones that can emulate a Bluetooth keyboard to control your computer.
The Hotkey Remote does have an essential limitation that other remote controls don't have. In fact, it's a limitation of OS X: you can not make use of all of Remote Buddy functions via the Hotkey Remote. This applies mainly to those parts that use keystrokes to control other applications, as these keystrokes are sent at the same time you are pressing the hotkeys, effectively leading to OS X mixing both together and triggering undefined actions.
The table of hotkeys presents an overview over the defined hotkeys and how they translate to Remote Buddy button events. To change a hotkey, click on the respective entry in the table, then press the key combination you want to use as hotkey.
Activate Hotkey Remote on startup
The Hotkey Remote only installs all of its hotkeys once it has been activated. You can do this by pressing the hotkey combination you defined for "Activate/Deactivate Hotkey Remote" - or automatically on startup by checking this checkbox.