Movie Library options

Remote Buddy contains a launcher for VIDEO_TS folders as found on DVDs. It is available as "Movie Library" in the context menu of both the VLC and DVD Player Behaviour. By default, Remote Buddy searches for VIDEO_TS folders on your computer using Spotlight™. In those cases where Spotlight™ does not find your VIDEO_TS folders or you want to limit the search to a few folders, Remote Buddy can manually scan for VIDEO_TS folders in folders specified by you.

VIDEO_TS filesystem structure
Remote Buddy will use the name of the parent folder of the VIDEO_TS folder as name for the menu item inside the Movie Library and any artwork placed in that parent directory as a cover.

A valid filesystem structure will thus look like this:
		/Volumes/Movies/Title Of The Movie/
		/Volumes/Movies/Title Of The Movie/coverArtwork.jpg
		/Volumes/Movies/Title Of The Movie/VIDEO_TS/..
Your artwork can have any name (23789as7d987.png would be perfectly fine, too).
Tip: You can add your AVI/DIVX/etc. files to the Movie Library and play them via VLC the same way. Therefore, use the structure as outlined above, then drop your video file(s) in the VIDEO_TS folder.
VIDEO_TS search options
Search for VIDEO_TS folders via Spotlight™
If active, Remote Buddy will trigger a Spotlight™-search for VIDEO_TS folders on startup. Active by default.
Tip: Spotlight™ in Tiger will often not find VIDEO_TS folders located on network volumes. To add these and to mount the network drive automatically, make use of the option below.
Perform directory scan for VIDEO_TS folders at the locations listed below.
If active, Remote Buddy will perform a deep directory scan for VIDEO_TS folders at all of the filesystem locations you add to the list. If you add folders on network volumes, they will be mounted automatically as you enter the Movie Library. To add a location to the list, press the "+" button. Press the "-" button to remove it. Please note that it's totally sufficient to add the folder that all of your VIDEO_TS folders are located in. You do not need to add each VIDEO_TS folder individually.