Mapping preferences

This is the part of Remote Buddy that gives you control over which action is executed on a button press in a certain context. We call this the mapping of an action to a button.
"Global" vs. "Behaviours"
You can map actions to buttons in a global and a Behaviour context. We use the terms global mapping and Behaviour button map for this respectively.

If you map an action to a button in the global mapping table, a press on that button will always execute that action. Consequently, though, you'll not be able to map other actions to this button on a per-Behaviour basis, as you already mapped an action to that button.

And then, there are the Behaviour button maps that allow you to change the mapping of your remote control's buttons depending on which Behaviour / application is currently active.

Button mapping
Changing the action triggered by a button press
To assign ("map") a different action to a button, click on the respective line's "Perform action" column to select it from the list of available actions. You can quickly find the line belonging to a specific button by clicking on it in the image displayed to the right.
Hardwiring an action to a button
You can "hardwire" an action to a specific button using the "Global mapping" table. To do this, select the "Global mapping" table on the left, then select the action of your choice for the button of your choice in the "Global mapping" table. It will then always get executed on a press of that button, irrespective of which Behaviour is currently active.
Custom actions..
You can add your own custom actions to a Behaviour by performing the same steps as when changing the action triggered by a button press but then choose "Custom actions.." from the popup. Once selected, a sheet opens and allows you to quickly build your own actions from so called "actors". Actors are building blocks like keystrokes, AppleScript, mouse wheel events or even other Actions. Remote Buddy pre-populates every new custom action with a Keystroke actor to make the process of creating your own actions as simple as possible.
Reset to default mapping
A click on this button will reset the mapping table for the currently selected Behaviour to default values.
If a button seems to be missing..
There are two different kinds of mapping tables in Remote Buddy. A global one (to be found in the "Global mapping" table), which "hardwires" an action to a button - and a "local" one for each Behaviour, which all entries in the "Behaviours" category are about. Please read this entire help page to learn more about this.